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IAB 17 Agenda

by Patrick Brown last modified 2015-01-14 10:54

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

7:30 Registration and Breakfast
8:10 IAB Chairmen's Address and Introduction of Attendees
8:30 Remarks by the NSF Program Director and New Opportunities
8:45 IMS Directors' Reports - Jay Lee, Jun Ni, and Jag Sarangapani
9:00 Host Welcome
9:15 Technical Presentations from the University of Cincinnati
  • Autonomous Prognosis with On-Line Monitoring, Linxia (Leo) Liao (15 mins + 5 mins)
  • Component Level Health Monitoring: Algorithm Evaluation With Applications, David Siegel, (15 mins + 5 mins)

9:55 Break
10:05 Technical Presentations from the University of Michigan
  • System-Level Cost Bottleneck Using Predictive Machine Health Information, Saumil Ambani (15 mins + 5 mins)
  • Cost-Effective Reliability-Centered System Design: Energy and Power System Applications, Yong Wang (15 mins + 5 mins)
10:45 Break
10:55 Technical Presentations from the Missouri University of Science and Technology (S&T)
  • A Parameter-Based Online Prognosis Framework, Balaje T. Thumati (15 mins + 5 mins)
  • PCA-Based Fault Isolation and Prognosis with Application to Rotating Machinery, Gary Halligan (15 mins + 5 mins)
11:35 Multi-Campus Project Presentations
  • Online Self-Adaptive Fault Learning and Pattern Discovery Method, Fangji Wu, Tianyi Wang (UC), Seungchul Lee (UM), Balaje T. Thumati (S&T) 
12:00 Lunch
 1:00 Updates on Selected Federal/Industry Projects
  • Smart Machine Update, Hassan Al AtatVishwesh ShaucheJohn Snyder (UC/Techsolve) (10 mins)
  • Parker Smart Hose, David Siegel (UC/Parker-Hannefin) (10 mins)
  • Stability Analysis of Multi-Model Systems, Shiming Duan (UM/BorgWarner) (10 mins)
  • A Comparison of Fixed and Flexible Models for Cost-Effective Production & Maintenance Planning, Xiaoning Jin (UM/GM) (10 mins)
  • Energy Monitoring, Diagnosis, and Visibility for Large Scale Industrial Facilities, Shahab Mehraeen (S&T/Boeing) (10 mins)
  • Mahalanobis-Taguchi-Strategy as a Prognostics Tool, Ahmet Soylemezoglu (S&T) (10 mins)
2:10 Break

Company Presentations and New Proposals

  • NSF-Design of a Unified Framework for Advanced Prognostics Systems, Sherin ElMeligy (UC), Xinwei Xu  (UM), Maciej Zawodniok (S&T)
  • ISMI-LAM Testbed, TBD
  • Army Research Laboratory, TBD

  • Delta Electronics, Hui Lee

  • Alstom
  • MID International Cooperative Research Network, Kondo Adjallah
3:00 Poster Session, Demonstrations and Lab Tour
4:30 Project Feedback
5:00 Adjourn
6:30 Reception and Dinner

Thursday, May 7, 2009

7:30 Breakfast
8:00 LIFE Forms and Feedback Session
10:00 Break

Closed Door Session - members only

  • Multi-Campus IMS Operations
  • Multi-Campus Agreement
  • Technology Licensing
  • Special Topics
  • Approval of IAB 16 Minutes
  • New Business
  • IAB 18 Dates
Noon Lunch


The IAB 17 Agenda can also be downloaded here.

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