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IAB 19 Agenda

by Patrick Brown last modified 2015-01-14 10:54

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

7:30AM Registration and Breakfast (30 min)
8:00AM University of Cincinnati: College of Engineering & Applied Science, Dean Carlo Montemagno (10 min)
8:10AM University of Cincinnati: School of Dynamic Systems, Teik C. Lim, Director (10 min)
8:20AM IAB Chairman's Address & Attendee Introduction (20 min)
8:40AM Remarks by the NSF Program Director & New Opportunities (10 min)
8:50AM IMS Directors' Reports - Jay Lee, Jun Ni, and Jag Sarangapani (15 min)
9:05AM Host Welcome - GE Aviation, Roger Lindle (10 min)
9:15AM Technical Presentations from UC
  • Adaptive Modeling for Robust Prognostics on a Reconfigurable Platform, Linxia (Leo) Liao (15 + 5 min)
  • Remaining Useful Life Estimation Through Multiple Model Aggregation, Tianyi Wang (15 + 5 min)
9:55AM Break (10 min)
10:05AM Technical Presentations from UM
  • Integrated Production and Maintenance Planning for a Multiple Product System, Seungchul Lee (15 + 5 min)
  • System Level Risk Evaluation for Improved Maintenance, Saumil Ambani (15 + 5 min)
10:45AM Break (10 min)
10:55AM Technical Presentations from Missouri S&T
  • A Model-based Fault Detection and Prognostics Algorithm for Systems with Multiple Fault Types, Balaje Thumati  (15 + 5 min)
  • Degradation Detection and Prognostics of Energy Consuming Devices - with Application to HVAC Systems, Shahab Mehraeen (15 + 5 min)

11:35AM Energy Initiatives
  • Prognostics for Energy Systems: Wind Turbines & Lithium Ion Batteries, Hassan Al-Atat, Xinwei Xu, Mohammad Rezvani (UC & UM) (30 + 5 min)
12:10PM Lunch Break (60 min)
 1:10PM Updates on Selected Company/NSF Projects
  • Turbine Airfoil Laser Drilling Health and Quality Monitoring, Yan Chen (UC) (10 min)
  • Non-intrusive Power-based Machine Monitoring,  Mohamed Abuali (UC) (10 min)
  • Adaptive Planning for Hybrid Truck Idling Problems, Ahmad Almuhtady (UM) (10 min)
  • Planning for Vehicle Battery Life Cycle, Xiaoning Jin (UM) (10 min)
  • Experimental Verification of the Online Model Based Fault Detection Scheme on a Rotating Machine, Balaje Thumati (MST) (10 min)
  • Centrifugal Pump Prognostics using MTS Methodology, Ahmet Soylemezoglu (MST) (10 min)
2:10PM Break (10 min)

New Proposals, IMS Partners & New Member Presentations

  • Center of Excellence for Rapid Realization of Prognostics, Jay Lee (10 min)
  • NSF Fundamental Research: A Systematic Methodology for Data Validation and Verification for Prongostics Applications, Masoud Ghaffari (10 min)

  • Knowledge Generating in Product-Service Systems, Rene Gegusch, TU-Berlin (10 min)

  • Goodyear, Bob Benedict (10 min)

3:00PM Poster Session and Demonstrations (120 min)
5:00PM Adjourn
6:30PM Reception and Dinner


Friday, May 14th, 2010

7:30AM Breakfast (30 min)
8:00AM LIFE forms Feedback Session (120 min)
10:00AM Break (10 min)
10:10PM Closed Door Session – Members Only
  • Approve IAB 18 Minutes

  • Choose IAB 20 Dates

  • I/UCRC Transformation

  • IMS Book

  • Center of Excellence

  • Financial Report

This session is open only to IMS Members and selected guests as approved by IAB Chairman and Co-Directors IN ADVANCE OF MEETING.

12:00PM Lunch (60 min)
1:00PM Adjourn



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